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We've also created a mini guide with the most commonly asked questions to download and print here:

A size guide for prescription safety glasses

We have a range of prescription safety glasses available. All of them slightly differ in size and specification and sometimes it’s not easy to find the right pair of prescription safety glasses for you. At the bottom of each of product description for the prescription safety glasses there is section detailing the sizes of the […]

Football Fever Begins. Have you got your Safety Glasses ready?

With arguably the largest sporting event arcoss the world starting today football fever will be hitting the masses. Inbetween watching all the incredible games at this years World Cup you might want to get out there and try a few of the skills we get to see yourself. Some of us may need some safety […]

Do I need Over Specs or Presciption safety glasses?

This all depends on what kind of environment the safety glasses will be used in. Over Specs and prescription safety glasses have some similar features. Such as they are certified to EN166 standard meaning they provide a good level of impact protection. They often have anti-fogging and anti-scratch coatings on the lens. The lens gives […]

Check out these new prescription safety glasses styles

We’ve got a couple of great new styles of Prescription Safety Glasses available today! Check out the new Macro prescription safety glasses. Combining that classic wayfarer styling with the protection of prescription safety glasses. Also available from the popular IRI-S range are the IRI-S RX prescription safety glasses below. Using a popular tried a tested […]

Which sports can I wear Prescription Safety Glasses?

Our prescription safety glasses are ideal for anyone looking for protection for their eyes when they want to particpate in their favourite sports and need to wear prescription eyewear to do so. Adding that extra level of security that your usual eyewear wouldn’t provide. Have a look at our range of prescription safety glasses. In […]

Do you keep any welding/brazing glasses that are in reading glass prescriptions? +1, +1.5 etc?

Q: Do you keep any welding/brazing glasses that are in reading glass prescriptions? +1, +1.5 etc? a medium tint would be fine. . A: Sorry but the prescription range doesn’t come with a welding glasses tint within them. You can have welding safety goggles and wear your prescription safety glasses underneath. Q: Thanks. Do you […]

We will need lenses that protect from all UVA and UVB rays, polarised and possibly photochromic. Is this anything that you could supply?

Q: Hi I’ve been pleased with the safety glasses from you that I got last year so want to know if you can help with some sunglasses with prescription lenses? We are going on a photography trip soon and will need lenses that protect from all UVA and UVB rays, polarised and possibly photochromic. Is […]

Do you do photochromic prescription safety glasses?

Q: Do you have photochromic prescription safety glasses? A: The simple answer is yes! These lenses are great for environments where you are moving from inside to outside and vice versa on a regular basis. They react to certain kinds of light. Usually UV light. When there is insufficient light they revert to a clear […]

Making sure you have the right eye protection when working with computers and VDU.

In these fast moving times its becoming harder to get away from looking at a digital screens of some description. Be that mobile, tablet, TV or computer screen. There is an increasing trend now for use of mobile devices meaning we are straining our eyes looking at smaller screens for a longer periods of time. […]

Dust and Fragments getting into your eyes at work.

Q:  I have been having issues with safety glasses, my nose is wide and all the pairs I wear sit high against my eyes. Dust and fragments go under and into my eyes. I work around building sites and cut metal. Any ideas please…   A: The main issues here is one of comfort over […]