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Great new video for the Bolle Ultim8 hybrid safety glasses

Take a look at this impressive video from Bolle highlighting some of the key aspects of the Bolle Ultim8 hybrid safety glasses. These glasses give the user three options of how to wear them. Just as safety glasses, with a head strap attached to the arms of the glasses or remove the arms and wear […]

Do I need Over Specs or Presciption safety glasses?

This all depends on what kind of environment the safety glasses will be used in. Over Specs and prescription safety glasses have some similar features. Such as they are certified to EN166 standard meaning they provide a good level of impact protection. They often have anti-fogging and anti-scratch coatings on the lens. The lens gives […]

Safety Glasses for Women

We’ve had a few queries asking which are the best safety glasses for women. Customers have been looking for either protection whilst playing racket sports, light weight or polarised lenses within their safety glasses. The important factors for these safety glasses include: They will be more suited to a smaller head/face size. They are light […]

Win a pair of Bolle Squale Over Specs today!

Check out the competition at the Armchair Biker blog to find out how to win a pair of these fantastic Bolle Squale Over Specs. These over specs are great when you don’t want to wear bulky goggles but still need some impact protection. Be that to give to visitors to your work place or to […]

Which sports can I wear Prescription Safety Glasses?

Our prescription safety glasses are ideal for anyone looking for protection for their eyes when they want to particpate in their favourite sports and need to wear prescription eyewear to do so. Adding that extra level of security that your usual eyewear wouldn’t provide. Have a look at our range of prescription safety glasses. In […]

Want to Win some safety glasses?

Whether you’re looking to replace an old pair of safety glasses or trying them out for the first time. You can get your hands on a free pair of Bolle Tracker II Safety glasses in a smoke lens. These glasses are really versatile and provide great all round protection in a number of tasks. With […]

Competition Time with Warehouseing Logistics International

For a chance to win a pair of the great looking Samova safety glasses shown above check out the giveaway from Warehousing Logistics International. These fantastic safety glasses offer impact resistance to standard EN166. Whlist the stylish lenses offer full UV protection from UVA and UVB light. The glasses can be worn all day long […]

Can I make my own Safety Glasses? (Not recommended)

Here are some great examples of what not to wear! Please remember that your safety is a serious business. These creations might seem like fun and were probably entertaining to put together but they will never replace a good pair of safety glassses or safety goggles to give you the protection that you actually require. […]

Introducing the Rush with Twilight lens

We are happy to introduce a new addition to our Bolle safety glasses range the Rush The Bolle Rush safety glasses comes with a Twilight lens that is ideally used for outdoor use in low light conditions. It’s effective at reducing the damaging effects of blue light, as it combines ESP lens technology with a […]

New Product! Safety Glasses with reading lenses

Customers are now looking for quality safety glasses that offer the same high level of protection and have a reading lens area. It’s a nice alternative to getting the full prescription safety glasses if you don’t need to go down that route. Instead get a pair of Bolle IRI-S safety glasses that come in reading […]