Q:  I have been having issues with safety glasses, my nose is wide and all the pairs I wear sit high against my eyes. Dust and fragments go under and into my eyes. I work around building sites and cut metal. Any ideas please…


A: The main issues here is one of comfort over practicality. Safety glasses aren’t really designed to be worn that far away from the face i.e. on the bridge of the nose as you will create that space for dust and other particles to get in and around your eyes. The idea is to keep them close enough so that you can create the least amount of space possible between your face and the glasses so that particles and dust can’t get in. Something like the Bolle Tracker II Safety Glasses below would help in this case:

But if you are going for more comfort you may want to try a larger pair of over glasses designed to fit over prescription glasses if worn. Such as these Bolle Squale Safety Glasses below:

However the trade off is the level of protection isn’t as high against dust and particles.