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Can I buy welding over glasses rather than welding goggles?

These Bolle Squale shade 5 welding over safety glasses are perfect for people looking for welding glasses to fit over their existing eyewear, for use by visitors and even for general wear when you don’t want or need to wear the more bulky Blast shade 5 welding goggles. The goggles of course give overall better […]

Do you keep any welding/brazing glasses that are in reading glass prescriptions? +1, +1.5 etc?

Q: Do you keep any welding/brazing glasses that are in reading glass prescriptions? +1, +1.5 etc? a medium tint would be fine. . A: Sorry but the prescription range doesn’t come with a welding glasses tint within them. You can have welding safety goggles and wear your prescription safety glasses underneath. Q: Thanks. Do you […]

Looking for welding goggles that can be worn over spectacles. Look no further!

Q: I’m looking for some gas welding goggles that can be worn over spectacles (shade 5 or what ever is available) only looking for 1 or 2 do you have anything in stock?   A: These Bolle Blast shade 5 welding goggles will do the job. They will fit over spectacles and will work with a […]

Safety glasses for welding

Our welding glasses are available from shades 2 through to 6. For working in close proximity to welding operations or as a welderÃ’s assistant then choose shade. For traditional braze or gas welding you should go for a shade 3 or 5 depending on the intensity and duration or the job. During oxy cutting you […]