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This this our dedicated help, advice and testing results section of the site. Don't worry you can get back to your basket our products by clicking our logo above. Every time we get a good question from customer or asked to test a product then we post the answer or results here. Use the list of Categories or the Search Box below to find the answer you're looking for.

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New Improved Bolle Contour Metal Safety Glasses

Check out the new improved Bolle Contour Metal framed version today! Bolle Contour Metal II You can see our full range of the popular Bolle Contour polycarbonate safety glasses as well as the metal framed version. Coming in clear, smoke, ESP and polarised lenses.  

Making sure you have the right eye protection when working with computers and VDU.

In these fast moving times its becoming harder to get away from looking at a digital screens of some description. Be that mobile, tablet, TV or computer screen. There is an increasing trend now for use of mobile devices meaning we are straining our eyes looking at smaller screens for a longer periods of time. […]

How do I get ESP lenses in a goggle?

Q: I am looking for glasses with an ESP lens but really like the Bolle Tracker II style. Can I get these safety glasses/goggles with an ESP lens? It’s quite difficult to find an ESP lens in the hybrid safety glasses style, such as the Tracker model. But there a couple of solutions to this […]

Introducing the Rush with Twilight lens

We are happy to introduce a new addition to our Bolle safety glasses range the Rush The Bolle Rush safety glasses comes with a Twilight lens that is ideally used for outdoor use in low light conditions. It’s effective at reducing the damaging effects of blue light, as it combines ESP lens technology with a […]

Does wearing blue filter glasses help you sleep?

It has been suggested that during our evolution our bodies automatically react to light as the sun sets and prepares our body for sleep before you actually fall asleep. As the sun goes down it contains less “blue light” and blue light is one of the first colours in the spectrum. Have a look at […]

Safety Glasses Lens Types

Every set of safety eyewear on our site include high quality, optical quality 1 lenses. For more information on what this means see the Standards Advice section. Most of the glasses are however available in different lens types, each of which is especially designed for different light conditions. Clear Lenses The clear lens is the […]