In these fast moving times its becoming harder to get away from looking at a digital screens of some description. Be that mobile, tablet, TV or computer screen. There is an increasing trend now for use of mobile devices meaning we are straining our eyes looking at smaller screens for a longer periods of time. The ONS estimated in 2010 that the proportion of employees at work using computers and the internet for their work at least once a week was approximately 58%(5).

Some of the effects include:

Eye Strain – prelonged focusing on computer screens, symptons include headache, browache and eye fatigue(1)

Dry Eye – eyes not producing enough tears causing eye pain and irritation(2)

Blurred vision and difficulty focusing(3)

There are some easy things you can do to protect your eyes against these problems, these include:

Take regular breaks from the technology

Look into the distance or out of a window for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes

Blinking regulalry

Make sure your computer screen/VDU is setup at the correct height and far enough away from you

There are also safety glasses that can help reduce the strain on your eyes.

Use yellow tinted(4) lenses such as the Bolle Mamba Safety Glasses seen below.

Use ESP lenses to filter out harmful blue light such as the Bolle Cobra Safety Glasses seen below.

Prescription safety glasses that have anti glare lenses or prescription middle distance safety glasses. See our range of prescription safety glasses here.