Q: Do you keep any welding/brazing glasses that are in reading glass prescriptions? +1, +1.5 etc? a medium tint would be fine. .

A: Sorry but the prescription range doesn’t come with a welding glasses tint within them. You can have welding safety goggles and wear your prescription safety glasses underneath.

Q: Thanks. Do you keep clear (no prescription)safety glasses with a reading glass lower section (like Bi Focals). I saw some in a hardware store in France a while back, but stupidly forgot to buy them before leaving. Also can’t remember the manufacturer.

A: The best pair for the job would be these Bolle IRI-S Safety glasses with 1.5 reading lens.

Q: They are perfect. I’ll just have to see what strength I need and order some. Do they come with a tint suitable for gas welding?

A: These glasses come in clear, smoke and twilight tints. You would then have to get either some over glasses like the Bolle Squale welding safety glasses or some welding goggles like these Bolle Blast welding goggles that will fit over the top of the Bolle IRI-S safety glasses.