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Can I make my own Safety Glasses? (Not recommended)

Here are some great examples of what not to wear! Please remember that your safety is a serious business. These creations might seem like fun and were probably entertaining to put together but they will never replace a good pair of safety glassses or safety goggles to give you the protection that you actually require. […]

Working in the snow. What safety eye wear do I need?

If your one of the many people having to work through the cold, snowy madness in the UK this year then you maybe on the look out for some eye protection whilst you work. Whether working indoors or outdoors in this cold you need safety glasses and goggles that are going to stand up to […]

We will need lenses that protect from all UVA and UVB rays, polarised and possibly photochromic. Is this anything that you could supply?

Q: Hi I’ve been pleased with the safety glasses from you that I got last year so want to know if you can help with some sunglasses with prescription lenses? We are going on a photography trip soon and will need lenses that protect from all UVA and UVB rays, polarised and possibly photochromic. Is […]

Do you do photochromic prescription safety glasses?

Q: Do you have photochromic prescription safety glasses? A: The simple answer is yes! These lenses are great for environments where you are moving from inside to outside and vice versa on a regular basis. They react to certain kinds of light. Usually UV light. When there is insufficient light they revert to a clear […]

Can I wear my safety glasses all day long?

Q: Can your safety glassses and goggles be worn all day long without causing any problems with the users eyesight? A: There are three categories of optical class that determine if the glasses & goggles can be worn all day long. These are optical class 1, 2 and 3. Optical class 1 is the best […]

Making sure you have the right eye protection when working with computers and VDU.

In these fast moving times its becoming harder to get away from looking at a digital screens of some description. Be that mobile, tablet, TV or computer screen. There is an increasing trend now for use of mobile devices meaning we are straining our eyes looking at smaller screens for a longer periods of time. […]

Dust and Fragments getting into your eyes at work.

Q:  I have been having issues with safety glasses, my nose is wide and all the pairs I wear sit high against my eyes. Dust and fragments go under and into my eyes. I work around building sites and cut metal. Any ideas please…   A: The main issues here is one of comfort over […]

Review of Bolle ULTIM8 safety goggles & glasses!

In November we encouraged our readers to enter the ultimate contest by Bolle. The competition winners getting a pair of the new Bolle ULTIM8 safetyglasses and goggles. Last week we recieved notification that we had won second prize in the draw and here they are! Here are my thoughts after a little look at these […]

Overglasses protection or Goggles?

Q: I’m looking for safety over-glasses with protection underneath to prevent eye-poke from below.    A: Some great over specs that would suit your needs would be these bolle squale over specs. But there are some other styles to choose from our range of over specs safety glasses. Q: Yeah I had a look at those […]

Are these ‘Occupational Varifocal Lenses’ lenses something that you can supply with your safety frames?

Q: I’ve just had a bad experience with Specsavers and am looking for a different supplier. They have the JCB Safety Frames, so I found a pair which I liked and wanted to order my existing lenses, what they call ‘Occupational Varifocal Lenses’ which give a larger mid distance for computer use. However they could not process […]