Q: I’ve just had a bad experience with Specsavers and am looking for a different supplier.

They have the JCB Safety Frames, so I found a pair which I liked and wanted to order my existing lenses, what they call ‘Occupational Varifocal Lenses’ which give a larger mid distance for computer use.

However they could not process the order with these lenses and said that I would need single vision lenses or standard varifocal lenses.

Can I ask are these ‘Occupational Varifocal Lenses’ lenses something that you can supply with your safety frames?

A: Yes they are. You would be looking at what we are called Degressives. This lens type is available across all the frame styles available for our range of Bolle Prescription Safety glasses.

These are available upon request. The price would include the the frames, lens and dispensing fee. This does not include the cost of an eye test.

You can then take the Bolle authorisation form and your prescription details to your local Boots optician for them to process the order.

The order is then sent to Bolle to made for your individual prescription and then is sent back to your local Boots opticians. You would get a call from your Boots opticians advising you that they are available to be picked up.