If your one of the many people having to work through the cold, snowy madness in the UK this year then you maybe on the look out for some eye protection whilst you work.

Whether working indoors or outdoors in this cold you need safety glasses and goggles that are going to stand up to the conditions.

These should be T rated which means that they can be used with extreme temperature particles (-5 degrees celcius to +55 degrees celcius). Also special coatings to the lenses can help. Such as the Comfort Sensivity Protection (CSP) coating from Bolle which helps when working in low light and bright light conditions as well as working well in extreme hot and cold temperature environments. If working outside for prolonged periods of time polarised lenses should be considered as they are great for reducing glare from the snowy surfaces.

Some good safety glasses to choose from for these kind of environments would be the Bolle Tracker II safety glasses, the Bolle Contour polarised lens safety glasses for working outside. The Bolle Cobra CSP lens working both inside and outside.

You may also opt for a goggle if your looking to combine protection and durabaility in extreme environments. The Bolle Pilot safety goggles come in clear, smoke and a CSP lens.