Q: Can your safety glassses and goggles be worn all day long without causing any problems with the users eyesight?

A: There are three categories of optical class that determine if the glasses & goggles can be worn all day long.

These are optical class 1, 2 and 3.

Optical class 1 is the best optical class and ensures that the glasses can be worn all day long. There is no distortion in vision as optical class 1 lenses do not alter the image. Refractive power of lens +/- 0.06 dioptres.

Optical class 2 is meant for intermittent use. Refractive power of lens +/- 0.12 dioptres.

Optical class 3 is for occasioanal use but should not be worn continuously. Refractive power of lens +/- 0.12-0.25 dioptres.

You may find some cheaper models offering optical classes other than 1.

We reccommend always using optical class 1 safety eyewear as you wouldn’t compromise on your health you shouldn’t comprise on your eyesight.

All of our safety glasses and goggles are optical class 1 giving you the right protection all day long.



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