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We've also created a mini guide with the most commonly asked questions to download and print here:

New product coming soon. Bolle Superblast replacing Bolle Blast Goggles

Sad to say the Bolle Blast goggles are being discontinued at the end of the month. The  popular and versatile goggles are being replaced by the new Bolle Superblast goggles. They still come in vented and sealed versions and the same high specification as before. You’ll still be able to get a visor attachment for […]

One of my operators is refusing to wear his safety glasses as they mark his nose. Is there anything with a gel nose piece etc ?

A: I think we might have some glasses with adjustable nose pads that might help your operators. What kind of thing are they wearing at the moment and what are they using them for? Q: They are using them in the warehouse so no specific hazards. Our policy is that all employees wear safety glasses […]

I do a lot of high mountain walking where my eyes need UV protection. But I strongly dislike tinted glasses and only wear them for extreme glare, such as glaciers. What would you recommend?

Q: I do a lot of high mountain walking where my eyes need UV protection. But I strongly dislike tinted glasses and only wear them for extreme glare, such as glaciers. The rest of the time I’d prefer clear glasses that give good UV protection (I have dark eyes, and don’t have a problem with […]

Win Bolle Tryon safety glasses and Bolle cycling glasses!

  Take a look at the Tryon competition from Bolle. Follow the link below for a chance to win! TRYON CONTEST These glasses are really versatile and provide great all round protection in a number of tasks. There are 5 chances to win the 1st prize of a pair of the new Bolle Tryon Flash […]

Can I buy welding over glasses rather than welding goggles?

These Bolle Squale shade 5 welding over safety glasses are perfect for people looking for welding glasses to fit over their existing eyewear, for use by visitors and even for general wear when you don’t want or need to wear the more bulky Blast shade 5 welding goggles. The goggles of course give overall better […]

Should I be wearing Safety Goggles or Safety Glasses?

Safety goggles don’t always look the best and that is one of the main reasons that employees do not want to wear them and would rather wear a pair of curvy, slim line safety glasses that look and feel like you are wearing an expensive pair of sunglasses. However, we must remember the primary reason […]

Great new video for the Bolle Ultim8 hybrid safety glasses

Take a look at this impressive video from Bolle highlighting some of the key aspects of the Bolle Ultim8 hybrid safety glasses. These glasses give the user three options of how to wear them. Just as safety glasses, with a head strap attached to the arms of the glasses or remove the arms and wear […]

A size guide for prescription safety glasses

We have a range of prescription safety glasses available. All of them slightly differ in size and specification and sometimes it’s not easy to find the right pair of prescription safety glasses for you. At the bottom of each of product description for the prescription safety glasses there is section detailing the sizes of the […]

Football Fever Begins. Have you got your Safety Glasses ready?

With arguably the largest sporting event arcoss the world starting today football fever will be hitting the masses. Inbetween watching all the incredible games at this years World Cup you might want to get out there and try a few of the skills we get to see yourself. Some of us may need some safety […]

New Bolle Pilot Goggles great protection for Firefighters

A great article from Railway News magazine was recently published highlighting the attributes of the Bolle Pilot Firefighter Goggles. These are the sealed version of the popular Bolle Pilot Goggles range that have come with a ventilated frame to date. The main differences between the Bolle Pilot CSP goggles and the Bolle Pilot Firefighter Goggles […]