Safety goggles don’t always look the best and that is one of the main reasons that employees do not want to wear them and would rather wear a pair of curvy, slim line safety glasses that look and feel like you are wearing an expensive pair of sunglasses.

However, we must remember the primary reason that this safety eyewear exists is to protect our eyes against the many dangers that some of us face on a daily basis.

Therefore, if you need safety eyewear to do any thing from the list below you probably actually need a safety goggle rather than safety glasses.

  • Protect against high energy impacts
  • Protect against liquid droplets
  • Protect against gas and other airborne particles
  • Protect against hot liquids or solids and raditating heat surfaces

You should also bear in mind what kind of goggles they are. The two main categories we have are hybrid safety glasses and safety goggles. Hybrid safety glasses such as the Bolle Tracker II come with a head strap that make them able to absorb high energy impacts when worn this way. The head strap can be removed so that they can be worn as safety glasses. The safety goggles can only be worn with the head strap that they come with.

Also safety goggles can come with ventilation or sealed (without ventilation).

Those safety goggles with ventilation will help the air to circulate inside the goggles and therefore prevent the lenses from fogging. However, there is the possibility that gases and toxic vapours can get in through the ventilation.

Safety goggles without ventilation or sealed safety goggles will prevent airborne particles from reaching the eyes. You should look for goggles with anti-fogging coatings to help stop the goggles from fogging when used.