A great article from Railway News magazine was recently published highlighting the attributes of the Bolle Pilot Firefighter Goggles. These are the sealed version of the popular Bolle Pilot Goggles range that have come with a ventilated frame to date.

The main differences between the Bolle Pilot CSP goggles and the Bolle Pilot Firefighter Goggles are that the Bolle Pilot Firefighter goggles will protect against gas & fine particles and they have a flame retardent strap.

Also available in the Bolle range are the Chronosoft Firefighter goggles. These goggles feature a double lens which does make them heavier than the Pilot model but increases the level of protection. All elements of these goggles are fire retardent. Starting with the strap which is able to withstand tempertaures upto 110 degrees celcius to the frame able to withstand temperatures upto 170 degrees celcius.