Q: I do a lot of high mountain walking where my eyes need UV protection. But I strongly dislike tinted glasses and only wear them for extreme glare, such as glaciers. The rest of the time I’d prefer clear glasses that give good UV protection (I have dark eyes, and don’t have a problem with squinting in normal conditions). It’s important that they have very effective anti-fog as I will be sweating. And I need a strong, failproof frame as I will be using them in a tough environment for months on end. I need them to be wraparounds to protect me from light from the side. But enough ventilation to prevent fogging. And I’d like a large lens with the best possible all-round visibility. I’d appreciate your recommendation.

A: A tough one this as your not keen on tinted glasses. The clear glasses do protect against UV but just not as much as the tinted ones. Are you sure you don’t want any tint at all in the glasses?

Q: From what I’ve seen, the clear are as good with UV, but not as good for the more aggressive blue light.

A: In that case I would recommend the following. These all have anti-fogging coatings on them and are made from polycarbonate for industrial use. So they are pretty strong. They are wraparound and should allow enough ventilation in as well depending on how you use them. They can be worn with a headstrap for better protection if needed.
Bolle Tracker II safety glasses or the Bolle Cobra Safety glasses.

Q: I had short-listed the Cobra. Which lens would you recommend? I was thinking of the clear, as there is no extra coating to scratch or peel. But the also have the HD and other clear options…

A: As an alternative to the clear lens. I was going to suggest the CSP lens as this can be used outdoors and for bright/low light conditions as well as in extreme temperatures.

Q: Their website is extremely vague about the CSP. Can you explain what it does?

A: Its similar to ESP but for alternating light conditions.

Q: OK – the CSP is interesting – cuts out all blue to 780nm. And has their newest anti-fog coating. Got to be worth a try…