Q: I am looking for glasses with an ESP lens but really like the Bolle Tracker II style. Can I get these safety glasses/goggles with an ESP lens?

It’s quite difficult to find an ESP lens in the hybrid safety glasses style, such as the Tracker model. But there a couple of solutions to this problem.

A: There are no safety glasses/goggles that have an ESP lens and come specifically in a goggle style. However, there are a couple of options to get around this issue.

Option 1:

If you bought the Bolle Cobra strap version you can take out the inner foam and detach the strap. You can then use the ESP lens from another pair of Bolle Cobra safety glasses and reattach the inner foam to that lens and reattach the side arms. You would need to purchase two pairs of glasses/goggles to make this work.


Option 2:

The Cobra Kit is another option. This comes with three different lenses (clear, smoke, ESP) that can be interchanged as per the above instructions using head strap, sidearms and inner foam.