Now the beast from the East has fled and the sun is finally making an appearance again across the UK it’s time again to think about dusting off those sunblocking glasses once more.

How about some stronger safety glasses that protect your eyes from the suns rays whilst looking good too.

Whether you’re a keen gardener, into sports or just want something to put on when you go down the shops.

Heres a list of 10 popular pairs of safety glasses that aside from the outstanding benefits of safety glasses also offer UVA/UVB protection, can be worn all day long, look pretty good and you won’t have to take out a new mortgage to pay for them.

Molucca Safety Glasses


Bolle Contour Safety Glasses (metal framed version)

Marmara F+ Safety Glasses


Bolle Silium Safety Glasses

Mawson Safety Glasses


Bolle Spider Safety Glasses

Samova Safety Glasses


Bolle Rush Safety Glasses

Banda Safety Glasses




Bolle Tracker II Safety Glasses