Our welding glasses are available from shades 2 through to 6. For working in close proximity to welding operations or as a welderÃ’s assistant then choose shade. For traditional braze or gas welding you should go for a shade 3 or 5 depending on the intensity and duration or the job. During oxy cutting you should use only shade 5 or above. Many welders however will choose to keep all three shades for various applications.

The European standard EN169 covers the use of safety glasses for welding and applies shade levels depending on the use. The EN169 standard ranges from shade 1.2 being the lightest, to 16 the darkest. Anything from shade 8 or above requires a special welding face shield which we currently do not have in our range.

As a rough guide, welding safety glasses can be used during gas / braze welding but not high intensity arc welding. Anyone attempting to either gas or arc weld should be properly trained and therefore know which protective eyewear or face shield is suitable. If you are in any doubt ask a professional or your health and safety supervisor. However, the EN169 stand does give some guidance as to which shade could be used for a certain application but should be used only as a guide and treated with discretion:

1.7 or 2 – suitable for a welder’s assistant or people working within close proximity to welding activities

3 – 5 – suitable for braze, bronze or oxyacetylene gas welding

5 – 7 – suitable for Oxy-cutting

8 – 16 – face masks suitable for arc welding

Other Information Sources:

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