Q: I need safety goggles that will fit over prescription glasses and a respirator half mask and keep out dust. Definitely has to have high scratch and fog resistance.

The customer was using a Sundstrom Sr100 half mask respirator such as the one below. It can be very tricky to find goggles/glasses that will comfortably fit over the nose protection part of the respirator. Added to that the customers other requirements and this was quite a tricky query.

A: There are a couple of pairs of goggles that we think would do the job but the best would be the Blast fully sealed version.

Have a look below at the fully sealed version of the Bolle Blast goggles. The customer was able to try on a pair before buying to make sure they were fit for purpose. They also fit over prescription glasses and have anti scratch and anti fogging coating on the lens. The sealed version protects against liquid, dust and gas particles.