Our Prescription Safety glasses are available in 3 lens types Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressives (Varifocals). These can be used for several different purposes such as for playing sports, working in an office or in industrial environments.

For more information on the process involved please have a look at the prescription glasses page. Where you can also have a look at the different models available.

If you choose a model online and you decide at the opticians you would like a different pair you can change your order at that point as long as they are suitable for your prescription. Please seek advice from the opticians before doing this.

The lenses can be tinted for outdoor activities in strong sunshine. They can also have anti-reflective lenses to aid in reducing glare from computer screens and bright office lighting. If you’re working on or close to a large body of water you may also consider polarised lenses. There are also specialist treatments available such as prism for conditions such as double vision and positional correction as well as high power lenses for those with a high power prescription required. Have a look at the list of add ons here.

Each model comes with a set of guidelines for the size of the glasses and the normal levels of prescription that can be allowed for the given glasses. Please see an example below for the Tracker RX model. These are a guideline. If you have a prescription that is outside of these tolerances for a model you like then please contact us to discuss in more detail as it still maybe possible.

Size: 56/26
Temple length: 117mm
Maximum sphere power: +/-4
Maximum cylinder compared with sphere: +/-3
Corrected base: 6
Glazing: Single Vision / Bifocal / Progressive (Varifocals)