Q: I work with some pretty harsh chemicals and would like some advice which glasses/goggles would provide the best protection. I recently bought some bolle tracker 2 glasses and they melted in 2 days. Could you please advise.

A: I think you would be better off with some sealed , full on goggles for maximum protection rather than glasses.

Some goggles that are suitable for chemical splashes  would be the Bolle Pilot Safety Goggles, the Bolle Blast Sealed Safety Goggles and the Bolle Coverall Autoclave used for working in clean rooms.

Q: I like the look of the pilot goggles. Do they also come in a slightly tinted version as I am often going from the lab to other departments on a fork truck and sometimes get dazzled by the sun.

A: We do the Pilot goggles in a Comfort Sensitivity Perception (CSP) lens. This is good for changing exposure to bright light and low light conditions so this may work in this instance.

Q: As well as mixing harsh chemicals I also have to clean out the tanks with thinners and get splashed with other thinners and paint. Would the lenses a; hold up against thinners and b; be able to clean paint off from them.

A: The clear lens version of the Bolle Pilot safety goggles should be able to hold up against paint thinner. However the problem comes when you talk about cleaning the lens. This is difficult as you can buy the Bolle cleaner for the lens but that means cleaning the lens immediatly after use. Which is not always possible. Typically what happens is the paint dries on the lens and then can’t be removed. I would usually reccomend something that is easy to clean such as the Bolle Atom safety goggles that you can get removable coverings that you can remove when they get paint on them. However these goggles don’t have the same level of protection for harsh chemicals as the Pilot goggles.