Bolle Safety Glasses & Goggles

Bolle is by far the leading manufacturer of safety eyewear in the world. They are one of very few companies left to actually do their own research and development, leading the field in protective eyewear.

Although we sell various other brands of safety eyewear we made this page to list all the Bolle products, making it easier for you to find what you need. Everything you see is kept in stock for next day delivery.

Voodoo (polarised lens)

Reassuringly expensive are the Voodoo with polarised lenses and styled from the Bolle leisure division which have then been reverse engineered into safety glasses. This design was originally from the surfing and ski community but has become a popular style all round now.

Safety Standard: EN166 1FT


The Bandido offers a huge visible area and integral side protection due to their full wrap-around design. Each pair is supplied with an adjustable neck cord to ensure they stay firmly in place during rapid movements or when working at various angles.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


The Slam combines both frame and lens into one to give maximum viability and light transmission. The panoramic and wrap-around design makes it very secure even when working face down.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


A very advanced pair of glasses with the maximum UV protection afforded down to 190nm! A lightweight, T-rated, fully wrap around design with a transparent frame gives a huge panoramic view. Integrated non-slip foam temples including all the standard anti-scratch and anti-fog lens properties. Extremely comfortable for continual use.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


The Spider, a relatively new model entering the safety eye-wear market, boasts a very high specification. A large viable area and wrap-around design make them an overall excellent safety spectacle including the introduction of the new Flash lens.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


A combination of style, comfort and protection. The Rush offer all of this and more. A combination of an extra comfortable nose bridge and flexible temples mean these sporty glasses can be used in most environments. They come in clear, smoke, HD and twilight lenses.

Safety standard: EN166 1FT

Rush+ Small

A combination of a sporty style and a slightly smaller frame size. Ideal for the female safety glasses wearer. The Rush+ Small have a combination of an extra comfortable nose bridge and flexible temples mean these sporty glasses can be used in most environments. They come in clear lenses.

Safety standard: EN166 1FT


Looking for some affordable reading safety glasses but don't need to go for a full prescription pair. Then look no further!

The IRI-S are stylish, comfortable and provide a memory form nose bridge and adjustable temples. They come in clear, smoke, twilight lenses. In the clear lens you can also get a reading area.

Safety standard: EN166 1FT

Contour (Metal Frame)

These are the aluminium version of the standard Contour above and yet they still weigh in at only 38g per pair, lighter than many polycarbonate models. Although a little heavier they offer the additional protection that comes with a metallic frame. Available in 3 lens types.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


At only 21g the Contour is arguably the lightest pair of safety glasses in the world and yet retains the highest level of quality and exceeds safety standards. They also protect against UV more than almost every other pair of glasses on the market. They are also available in four different lens types for a range of applications.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F

Tracker II

These are glasses, however they satisfy the requirements for goggles as they have the strap in place. One of very few safety glasses in the world that meet safety goggle standards. A removable head-band keeps the glasses tightly fitted to face and micro-foam lens edges give full dust protection in addition to making them extremely comfortable. Very popular in the medical field given that normal goggles can be cumbersome.

Safety Standard: EN166 1, 34, BT


Since the Cobra has also been designed to be adapted into a safety goggle, these glasses use extra strong B-rated lenses and make them highly popular in the medical profession. They are available in every lens type including the new High-Definition, making them the most versatile model we have.

Safety Standard: EN166 1B

Cobra Kit

The Cobra is one of the most versatile models around and with the new kit you can interchange your favourite lenses and wear the them as either glasses or goggles. The cobra kit use extra strong B-rated lenses and make them highly popular in the medical profession. For thos looking for a choise of lenses the Cobra Kit comes with 3 different lenses for you to swap and change they include smoke, ESP and clear lenses.

Safety Standard: EN166 1BT


This is the best selling pair of safety glasses in the UK. At only 34g in weight, anti-scratch & anti-fog lenses and TipGrip temples, it is easy to see why this is so popular with our customers.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F


A simple & lightweight pair of safety glasses at a great price. Compliant to both EN 166 and 170 they incorporate UV filtered lenses, protective side and upper shields.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F T


The Squale is regarded as the best and most stylish visitor cover spec on the market with anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. Ideal for customers and clients you want to impress, they are designed to fit to every face and over 99% of prescription eye glasses.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F T


The AXIS is the most adaptable pair of safety glasses on the market with an adjustable nose bridge and pivoting arms. Available in clear, smoke and contrast lenses.

Safety standard: EN166 1F

Bolle Safety Goggles


Tired of uncomfortable safety goggles? The Atom has the same high specification of the other premium Bolle goggles but with the added benefit of a foam insert similar to what you find on skiing goggles for extra comfort when worn for prolonged periods.


The Blast has the highest specification of all our goggles with a ski-goggle style design giving them a large visible viewing. Available in both ventilated and fully sealed versions with anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses. Blast is one of the only safety goggles to also comply with full European UV protection.

Safety Standard:
Lens: EN166 1BT9 / Frame: EN166 BT9


The highly popular Cobra safety glasses have been adapted here to become a full safety goggle. Arms have been replaced with an adjustable strap and the lens sealed with special foam to give full EN166 protection to liquid splashes and droplets making them popular for laboratory and dentistry work. They are highly popular in sports such as skydiving and mountain biking.

Safety Standard: EN166 1B T


Of all our safety goggles the Elite has the widest field-of-vision. With a clean transparent frame, liquid overflow chutes and adjustable straps on a pivot, they are a very popular goggle. Available in both sealed and ventilated models.

Safety Standard: EN166 2F


The x90 is ultra slim, lightweight and a low-profile pair of safety goggles. They are ventilated and come as standard with both anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses. An adjustable strap uses ball-pivots to allow for an exceptional fit.

Safety Standard: EN166 1B T


The Fight Fighter is our best safety goggle. Due to the unique Krayton frame material, this model is highly popular in the fire service and anyone working at extreme temperatures. Its unique double lens offers protection to steam, gas, dust, vapours, liquid and molten metals.

Safety Standard: EN166 1 345 BT


Possibly the most stylish safety goggle on the market but don't be fooled into thinking it is just a pretty face. The Pilots' specification is outstanding and offers a huge field of vision. Protection from almost all the elements, dust, liquid, molten metal and more.

Safety Standard:
Lens: EN170/EN172 1BT / Frame: EN166 349BT

Coverall Autoclave

The Coverall is our entry level autoclave model designed to fit comfortably over the top of existing prescription glasses. It uses indirect ventilation and EN166 grade 3/4 frames for maximum protection against liquids and dust.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F

Super Blast Autoclave

An advanced close fitting autoclave goggle with optical quality 1 lenses and ventilated frame. They are fully adjustable, can be worn over a respiratory mask and designed to be especially comfortable when worn for long periods.

Safety Standard: EN166 3 4 1B T

Bolle Welding Glasses


The Slam is out ultra-enveloping welding model giving both a large viewing area and wrap around design. Built with T rated lenses giving protection from extreme temperature impacts. Each pair comes with an adjustable next cord and is available in three welding shades.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F T / EN169

Squale Welding Glasses

The Squale is regarded as the best and most stylish visitor cover spec on the market. Now in the welding shade 5 lens with anti-scratch properties. Ideal for customers and clients you want to impress, they are designed to fit to every face and over 99% of prescription eye glasses.

Safety Standard: EN166 / 172 1 S


A very close fitting and light-weight pair of welding glasses with a full wrap-around design. Weighing it at a mere 28g they are the lightest pair of EN169 welding approved glasses on the market and include anti-scratch lens properties.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F / EN169


The Tracker is a highly popular pair of safety glasses due to the fact it also satisfies the strict requirements of a safety goggle when used with the removable head strap. It is this versatility which make it equally as popular for welding eye protection and available in all 3 shading levels.

Safety Standard: EN166 1B T / EN169

Budget Welding Glasses

An entry level model with a wrap-around design but without the special features of the more advanced styles such as anti-scratch lenses.

Safety Standard: EN166 1F / EN169