Mamba (Clear Lens)

Manufacturer: Bolle Product Code: MAMPSI

Mamba (Clear Lens)
Price: £7.42 each ex vat

£8.90 each including vat
Weight: 25g / Standard: EN166 & 170
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Discount price each
1 - 5 £7.42 ex vat
6 - 20 £7.22 ex vat
21 - 50 £7.01 ex vat
51 - 100 £6.81 ex vat
101 - 250 £6.60 ex vat
251+  £6.39 ex vat
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About The Manufacturer
Bolle is a French family owned business and one of the only manufactures of safety glasses to continue to research and develop in the field of safety eyewear. All their glasses are optical quality 1 and exceed all the industry safety standards.

About These Glasses:
The thing that sets these glasses apart is the UV rating. Most glasses protect against UVA, UVB and visible light damage. These glasses protect from about half of the UVC damage also down to 190nm.

The lens form the upper part of the frame with this model allowing more light and a better field of view than many others. The thickness of the lens is also increased at the top providing additional impact protection from above.

They are T rated to provide extreme temperature impact protection and include lenses with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. The arms are very adjustable with co-injected inserts for better grip. Each pair is supplied with an adjustable cord to ensure they remain securely fitted when working at angles or during rapid movement.

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Lens Options:
We have three lenses available in this frame. The clear lens for 100% optical quality 1 performance and maximum clarity. The Yellow lens for increased contrast in low light conditions and finally the Smoke lens for full solar protection in direct sunlight and other bright conditions.

For a full explanation of the different lens types and their ideal usage please see our dedicated Lens Advice Section.

Safety Standards:
Here we have summarised the main safety standards for the frame and each lens type. After each are their specific safety markings (i.e. 2-1.2 1F). To interpret these and understand the full specifications of each pair, please see our dedicated Standards Advice Section.

  • Frame - EN166  F  T  CE
    BS EN 166 - Impact resistant
  • Clear Lens - 2C-1.2  1F  T  CE
    BS EN 166 - Optical quality 1 & impact resistant
    BS EN 170
    - Ultraviolet filter protection
  • Smoke Lens - 5-3.1  1F  T  CE
    BS EN 166 - Optical quality 1 & impact resistant
    BS EN 172 - Full solar & UV protection
  • Yellow Lens2C-1.2  1F  T  CE
    BS EN 166 - Optical quality 1 & impact resistant
    BS EN 170 - Ultraviolet filter protection


For additional information please click the image or 'Full Specifications' link above. 

  • Impact resistant frame and lens
  • Very large visible area
  • Adjustable non-slip nose and arms
  • Anti-Scratch / Ant-Fog lens
  • Weight: 25g
  • Next day delivery

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