Solomon CL (Clear Lens)

Manufacturer: UCi Product Code: i707 clear

Solomon CL (Clear Lens)
Price: £3.36 each ex vat

£4.03 each including vat
Weight: 38g / Standard: EN166
Discount price each
1 - 5 £3.36 ex vat
6 - 20 £3.26 ex vat
21 - 50 £3.17 ex vat
51 - 100 £3.08 ex vat
101 - 250 £2.98 ex vat
251+  £2.89 ex vat
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About These Glasses:
The Solomon is a great multi-purpose pair of safety glasses and available in three lens types. Lightweight and hardwearing. Each pair is supplied with a neck cord.

They are Optical Quality 1 lenses with a scratch resistant surface and anti-fog coated lenses. With adjustable side arms for increased comfort.

UV Protection:
The Solomon yellow and smoke lenses give full UV protection. For both UVA and UVB light.

Lens Options:
We have 3 lenses available in this frame. The clear lens for 100% optical quality 1 performance. The smoke lens for direct sunlight and other bright light conditions. The yellow lens for increased contrast in low light conditions. For a full explanation of the different lens types and their ideal usage please see our dedicated Lens Advice Section.

Safety Standards:
Here we have summarised the main safety standards for the frame and each lens type. After each is their specific safety markings (i.e. 2-1.2 1F). To interpret these and understand the full specifications of each pair, please see our dedicated Standards Advice Section.

•    Frame - EN166  F  CE
     BS EN 166 - Impact resistant
•    Clear Lens
     BS EN 166 - Optical quality 1 & impact resistant
•    Smoke Lens - 5-3.1  1F  CE
     BS EN 166 - Optical quality 1 & impact resistant
     BS EN 172 – Full Solar & UV protection
•    Yellow Lens – 2C-1.2  1F  CE
     BS EN 166 - Optical quality 1 & impact resistant
     BS EN 170 – Full UV protection
For additional information please click the image or 'Full Specifications' link above.
•    Impact resistant frame and lens
•    Scratch-Resistant lens and anti-fog lens
•    Weight: 38g
•    Adjustable side arms
•    Neck Cord

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